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Occupied Staging

In our experience, occupied home staging makes a huge difference for sellers. We see a lot of clients come in who think that their home is already decorated, or they tried to stage their home themselves and are still not seeing results. This is because the biggest requirement for staging an occupied home is what we call ‘depersonalizing’. 


A homeowner spends years customizing each space to fit their needs, whether that be a play room for the kids or an in-home office. Each space ends up reflecting the homeowner’s style which can be a big pain point for buyers. Depersonalizing is the act of removing the homeowner’s personal touch so that the spaces appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. Eco Décor takes specific care in depersonalizing a home, which can include:

  • Removing large family photos and replacing with artwork
  • Clearing shelving of personal items such as trophies, awards and certificates
  • De-cluttering countertops and end-tables by storing away random items
  • Packing up collections such as dolls, figurines or bottles
  • Re-setting rooms to ‘room type’. This could mean cleaning the kids toys out of the dining room or taking the workout equipment out of the office.


Eco Décor will evaluate the existing furniture and décor in a home and then develop a design plan. This could be downsizing furniture that’s too big for a room or clearing out bulky items that make a room feel small. We love to utilize what a client currently has in the home and often do so in new and unexpected ways. We’ll “freshen” up each room with color schemes, furniture placement, wall art, décor accessories and more! Following the staging, all the seller has to do is tidy up after themselves and wait for the offers to come in.


Ready to learn more about how staging can help sell your home? Contact Eco Décor today to learn more and set up a free consultation with our designer.

Occupied Staging
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