Best Staging Service Company in Atlanta

Best Staging Service Company in Atlanta

The Best Staging Service Company Atlanta Has to Offer

When it comes to selling a home, the best staging service company Atlanta has to offer will tell you it is not just a matter of putting the house on the market. There are a lot of things that come into play, such as a proper presentation.

The look of a home is everything when it comes to sales, no matter the type. Not only do the pieces need to look beautiful and enticing, but also carefully placed in a space.

Do you own a home in Atlanta or the Atlanta area that will be put up for sale? Whether that home is unfurnished or furnished, it’s extremely important that you put the “best face forward” for the sale of a home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider the best staging service company Atlanta has to offer to do the job right.


What Does “Staging” Mean?

staging service company in atlanta

There are various terms involved in the world of real estate. One of them is staging. What does “staging” mean when it comes to unfurnished or furnished homes? Well, it’s the process of making the house look not only lived in but also enticing to a potential home buyer.

When potential buyers walk into a home, they should get a “wow” feeling as soon as they enter. The process of staging includes a number of practices.

This includes things such as: adding furniture, putting artwork on the walls, placing attractive art pieces on tables, mantles, lighting, and more in coordination with whatever is already in existence, unless the space is vacant. The process also helps a potential home buyer know what a space will look like and what possibilities there are when the space is furnished.

It is challenging to prepare a space for staging without the professional expertise needed to do the job. A full-service staging company is your best bet for staging services.

What is the best staging service company Atlanta has to offer? If you live in the Atlanta area, consider Eco Décor.


What does Eco Décor provide for Atlanta and the surrounding areas?

1. Full Home Staging

Full home staging for a home that is listed for sale is the foundation of a staging company. When you hire such a company, you can opt to have the entire home staged.

The process does not mean looking at each room separately as opposed to looking at the big picture. Instead, a top professional staging company will make sure each room flows aesthetically from one room to the next. This includes paying close attention to not only furnishings but also color coordination.

In addition, you can focus on one room or more, such as focusing on the living room area. The living room area is a primary feature of a home and is a good room to choose for showcasing.

When potential home buyers walk into an empty living room, for example, they can see the floor, walls, and ceiling, but that’s it. Placing attractive furniture, artwork and more in the space will make it more enticing and can fill a home buyer with decoration possibilities for the area. Furnishing and decorating a living room can also be one of the toughest rooms to tackle. Staging can help.

There are also other reasons to use the services of a staging company. Perhaps you want to sell the property quickly. Chances are you’ll sell it faster if it is filled with beautiful furnishings. Again, it’s the “wow” factor that you want to create for a home.

Perhaps you don’t have much furniture in the property. A staging company can fill in what’s needed. Also, not only can they fill in what’s needed, they can do it while improving the look of what already exists.

Then again, maybe the furniture in the space is not particularly attractive or perhaps it’s old. You can replace that furniture with something more enticing when you work with a staging company. Replacing the furniture temporarily with staging is cheaper than having to replace the furniture by buying new furniture.

2. Staging Consultation

Perhaps you’re a homeowner or a real estate agent who is looking for tips on how to improve the look of a home. A professional staging company can take a look at the property and offer guidance on how to improve it. Not only is this a wise way to go, but it saves you time and helps to avoid mistakes.

Of course, you have to consider the inside of a property, but that is not the entire picture. A consultation from Eco Décor includes a walk-through of not only the inside of the property but also the outside.

After all, curb appeal is essential for the look of a home. After the walk-throughs, guidance and a full report are given on improvements including furniture, color, lighting, etc.

3. Vacant Staging

When you try to sell an empty home, you’re doing it without the warmth that a furnished home creates. As a result, you force the potential buyer to imagine what the space would look like with furniture without any help. That can get tricky.

In fact, statistics have shown that vacant homes sit waiting for a buyer two to three times longer than homes with furniture. Let’s look at some of the reasons why trying to sell a vacant home is not always a good idea:

  • Minor Imperfections Become Major Imperfections- Often, if there is a minor imperfection in a vacant home, that could become what the buyer fixates on, unable to see the big picture. Placing furniture in the house gives a more realistic view of the potential for the space.
  • The Space Appears Smaller Than It Is- Believe it or not, staging a vacant room can make it appear smaller, not larger. Without furniture and other additions, a potential buyer may judge the size of a room to be smaller than it actually is. That can be harmful to a sale.
  • You Leave Buyers Wondering What To Do With The Space- When a room is vacant, you leave the buyer wondering what it could be used for. However, when you stage a room, you leave the buyer with no doubt as to what they can use the room for. Instead of wondering if a room could be an office, for example, staging a room to look like an office helps them validate their thoughts. This becomes particularly important when you are dealing with luxury homes with lots of big rooms.


Occupied Staging

There is another form of staging called occupied staging. This occurs when you stage a home while you’re still living in it. The goal is to make the home appeal to a wide range of buyers.

The genesis of occupied staging is what Eco Décor calls “depersonalization.” This concept is the act of taking a home focusing on the style of the occupants and ease the style into one that is appealing to a wide range of buyers.

How does a professional staging company go about depersonalizing a room? There are a number of things that you can do. For example, a staging company can take large family photos and replace them with artwork. In addition, the artwork they choose will appeal to a wide-ranging audience.

A professional staging company can de-clutter countertops and end-tables, allowing more of the surfaces to show. Alternatively, they can downsize furniture that is too big for the room. They can do these things plus much more.


Staging A Luxury Home

Eco Decor luxury home staging

One of the things that the best staging service company in Atlanta offers is providing luxury home staging. This bumps staging up to the highest level and requires meticulous attention to detail of the finest additions to a home. When done right, a luxury home, no matter its price, has a better chance of selling fast.

Luxury home buyers expect a certain aesthetic, and if you fail to provide that, it will be difficult to make a sale. Luxury home buyers are discriminating. They want the best, and they expect the best. If there’s one thing that Eco Décor is amazing with, it’s staging a luxury home.

At the same time, the goal of luxury home staging is not to make a room look unapproachable and cold. High-end must also appear comfortable and inviting. Luxury home staging by Eco Décor means depersonalizing, de-cluttering, and creating a breathtaking appearance. We use only the best linens, art, glassware, dishware, and more for this form of staging. It takes the best professional staging company to create a space that is not only realistic but also warm and inviting in a luxury space.

Launched in 2012, many consider Atlanta’s Eco Décor, owned by Dekel Balsar, the best staging service company Atlanta has to offer. The company has staged hundreds of luxury homes in not only Atlanta but also Israel.

His focus is not just to stage a home but to create a vision that best represents the homeowner’s tastes and vision. Dekel enjoys a wide range of interiors, including high ceilings and bright colors.

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When it comes to selling a home, the best staging service company Atlanta has to offer will tell you it is not just a matter of putting the house on the market. There are a lot of things that come into play, such as a proper presentation.

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