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Best Home Decor Company in Atlanta

Learn What A Home Decor Service Company in Atlanta Can Do For You

Do you need the best home decor service company Atlanta has to offer? If so, then keep reading to find out what Eco Decor can do for you!


Interior Design Services

Eco Decor home decor company in Atlanta

Dekel Balsar is the leader of Eco Decor, which is an internationally recognized home decor service company in Atlanta. The whole team focuses on creating spaces that meet your needs, and they cater their services to exceed your expectations.

Clients turn to Eco Decor as their go-to home decor service company in Atlanta for many reasons. Having said that, two of them stand out above the rest. The first is when clients are looking for help designing some or all of the space where they either live in or will live in eventually. The second are those clients looking for help in selling their home.


Designing Your Own Home

Whether you need to breathe new life into a few rooms, totally overhaul the vibe of where you live, or want to nail things from the start when moving into a new home, these are the following services that Eco Decor can provide you with:

Artwork Procurement: Getting the right pieces of artwork might seem like a random hit-or-miss process if you go shopping on your own. However, there is a science to artwork selection and procurement. When you work with a consultant who gets to know your tastes in terms of colors, styles, particular artists, and especially the mood you want in a room, then they can go out and find the specific pieces that make your room just what you want.

Decor Styling And Set-Up: Do you know how you’d like a room to feel or what you would like it to do, but you have no idea where to start putting that together? An Eco Decor professional can get your room going, and then leave the rest to you.

Floor Plan Development: You might want to do an entire floor. You could also be buying a new home that has lots of blank space you’re not sure what to do with. In either case, the right interior design professional can show you the possible actual uses of your home’s potential energy.

Full Home Remodeling: There are points in life where it’s a good time for a full home remodel. One is making a new home truly yours before moving in. Another is when restoring a home after a disaster. Other possibilities can include divorces, deaths in the family, or just adjusting to empty-nesting. Getting ready for a baby on the way can also be cause for a full home remodel. Get it right the first time with professional assistance.

Full-Service Interior Design: There’s nothing quite like handing off every detail to some of the brightest minds in the industry. Let them come up with your interior design and then make it happen from the floors to the furniture to the fans hanging on the ceiling.

Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations: Kitchens are often the social center point of a home, as they’re used by everyone multiple times a day. Bathrooms are likewise important, considering how crucial they are for refreshing yourself several times a day. Professional-grade renovations to just these rooms won’t just make your home more delightful, but possibly your entire life.

Product Curation: A global economy connected by the internet means there are so many products out there for your home. As a result, it could feel like a full-time job just sifting through it all. If that’s the case, why not hire a full-time designer who already knows what’s out there to find the perfect products for your home and design?


Getting Ready To Sell

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Are you considering putting your home on the market? Are actively taking steps to do so? Eco Decor has numerous services you can choose from that help you get the most home value possible on the current market:

Real Estate Evaluations- Evaluating your home’s real estate value is something you need to do if you want to price the home fairly at a point where it is likely to sell. Having said that, you might want multiple such evaluations. If you get one before you do anything to the home, the specialists of Eco Decor will have the chance to make specific recommendations on the design choices and changes that can help you boost your property value the most before you go on the market.

Full Home Staging- Staging is essential for any home for sale, regardless of whether it’s for a single room or the whole home. Any kind of staging is a marketing tool which helps homes sell for more money and in less time. Full home staging is ideal for sellers that don’t have much decor or time. It can also help out couples with kids. Full home staging involves connecting every room at an aesthetic level so that visitors and buyers truly have their attention captured while on tour.

Staging Consultations- If the idea of a full home staging either seems too expensive or just too invasive to you, then consider a staging consultation. This is a chance to get guidance on things that might improve how your home looks, as a designer will walk through the interior and exterior of a property. Potential areas of improvement and concern get identified, followed by feedback about specific suggestions regarding decor placement furniture, color, and lighting. You and your real estate agent can then actually handle the particulars on your own.

Vacant Staging: Are you selling a home you already moved out of? Is it maybe a second property no one lives in anymore that you inherited or are done renting? Vacant homes can sit on the market twice as long as occupied homes. A vacant home feels empty and vast. It lacks the inviting and warm feeling buyers respond to as they imagine living in a home they tour. Instead of projecting themselves having dinner or playing with their family, they focus too hard on minute imperfections. Furnishing the whole home prevents this, as it helps buyers see what they could be doing.

Make Rooms Look Bigger: Regardless of what kind of staging you do, empty rooms counter-intuitively look bigger with furniture. Home buyers have a hard time judging the sizes of rooms, usually assuming smaller rather than larger. Proportional and complementary furniture will help them see the potential of a home though.

Give Each Room Purpose: Buyers who see staged rooms won’t rack their brains trying to figure out what a room could be, but actually see what it should be. This is crucial for larger homes where there might be so much space a buyer wouldn’t know what to do with it all.

Occupied Staging: If you’re like many home sellers, you’re going to be living in your home while you sell it. Still, your own decorations might not be the best option for trying to convince someone to buy your home. The concept of depersonalization is necessary. Buyers shouldn’t walk in and know you had a hard time getting ready for work in the morning. In fact, they shouldn’t see anything that would indicate someone lives there at all. You want them visualizing themselves living there. This process can start with removing family photos and other personal items. Afterward, free the home of any personal touch of your current family. It might feel rather bland to live in for a while. However, it will make the space appeal to a broader range of potential buyers.

Luxury Home Staging: There aren’t as many buyers in the high-end market, so quick sales are more than preferable. Luxury home staging can help an affluent home show off how luxurious it is while balancing the levels of sophistication and comfort just right. From proportional furniture to premium pieces of art, the few buyers in the luxury end of the market have different tastes. Furthermore, they may have more discerning eyes than regular homebuyers. Consult interior design professionals who know what these consumers are looking for so you can cater to them specifically.


What’s Your Next Project?

Eco Decor is a company that specializes in doing high-end and even luxury architecture and interior design. They work specifically with vendors and artisans who are responsibly sourced for their distinct and premium designs and manufacturing.


Free Consultations

Are you not totally sure that Eco Decor is the right home decor service company Atlanta has to offer? Try them out before you commit to anything. Contact them at (470)505-1775 to enjoy a free consultation. See for yourself how they can help you make your home design dreams actually happen.


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If you’re living in or around Atlanta, Georgia and need interior design, home decor, or a staging company, then call Eco Decor at (470)505-1775 or visit them at for your free consultation. Get your next project ready to roll today!


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Do you need the best home decor service company Atlanta has to offer? If so, then keep reading to find out what Eco Decor can do for you!

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