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About Eco Décor

Eco Décor began in 2012 as Eco Premier Development. Since then we have been recognized as an industry-leading design & staging company both in Israel and the Atlanta area. Eco Decoration has designed and staged hundreds of luxury homes and boast numerous return clients that are happy with their results and want to utilize our expertise for their next project.

About Eco Décor

Eco Decoration owner Dekel Balsar has designed over 100 spaces in Israel and the Atlanta, GA area. He takes pride in his ability to create interiors that reflect not only the homeowner’s vision, but also compliment the interior space.

Dekel is originally from Israel and, since earning a BA in Architecture & Interior design, has spent the last 21 years designing unique spaces all over the world. In the last decade, he has focused his design talent on high-end homes and spaces throughout the Atlanta area. Dekel is married to a very talented real estate developer and is the father of two lovely twins.

“All of my inspirations come from a variety of places and spaces all over the world. My goal in the last few years has been to design and create open spaces with high ceilings, bright colors and most importantly leave the feeling of warmth in the home.” – Dekel Balsar


Whether you’re trying to stage your home to sell or redesign it, Dekel and the Eco Decoration team can help you achieve your dream space. Get started today by requesting a free consultation.

Award Winning Interior Design In Atlanta GA
Award Winning Interior Design In Atlanta GA
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